Tingle App

Before Tinder, there was Tingle. Tingle was the only dating iOS app, until Tider arrived with a gamified version and took the market. With version 2.0, Tingle hopes to even the market a bit and provide users with a real competitor and a quality app.

I worked on the design for about 7 months. Alongside with Ian (Tingles co-owner) we thought and nurtured the design to what he envisioned the second version to be. We went through dozens of iterations until we settled on the current version.

The idea behind version two is to provide singles with an easy experience to interact with chat, image and voice. This removes the need for phone numbers and facebook; until of course both users, trust each other enough to proceed to a more intimate setting. It is in that moment that Tingle succeeds in it’s mission.

You can download the app here