Ubisoft Express Yourself

Every two years, the Express Yourself survey gives each Ubisoft team member a unique opportunity to voice her/his opinions – in an anonymous way – on a wide range of topics including work environment, human resources, strategy & product catalogue, organization & structure, and communication & information flow.

Previous versions of this Questionnaire were very boring both in terms of design and engagement. So we needed to do something to increase the completion rate (which was about 50%) and also modernize the design.

So somewhere in the winder of 2014 I’ve met with the HR Intelligence Manager to discuss how this new process should look and feel. Below was the design we agreed upon.

At first, there was supposed to be a homepage that showed overall progress, question categories and such, but was dropped because the HR didn’t have all the questions categorized like that in time. The idea behind was to enable the employee to complete the categories as he saw fit and the progress would’ve been automatically saved. If he forgets about the survey, the system sends and email to remind you.



This was the concept we settled upon. We changed the background to be “more corporate”.

After launch we had a 23,7% participation rate in the first day. I’d say we accomplished our mission.