My very first project, when I joined the Ubisoft design team, was to design the Reflections studio website.
This was back in  2012 when skeuomorphic design was still a thing.

At first they asked for a slick design, pure skeumorphic, dark, glossy, all the bells and whistles. But then they changed their mind and wanted something more studioish. So I’ve sent this design; that you see below:


Again, the above was rejected. When asked what they wanted? I couldn’t get an answer.
So finally they sent a mood board with a lot of grungy stuff. Based on that, a previously rejected design was revisited with some grungy textures and styles. The below was sent, the final design that they settled upon.


I worked on this for the next few months, getting the final design approvals, all the pages, code and finally WordPress development and theme integration.

Last thing, was to populate the site with content, which meant for the site to lay unused for about a year and some change. So after was launched, they just canned the design and made redirect to

Before I left the company, they asked me to send all the design files, theme and everything else with the thought of yet another redesign. It remains to be seen if they pull it off.