Cyber App


Is your business protected?

Altough I’m not a copywriter, this seemed to be the best piece of copy that provided the incentive for the user to go through the assessment and sign-up to the app.

Munich Re wanted to tap into the cyber security insurance market with a lightweight cyber assistant. About a quarter of a million euros were already invested into this concept before I took over. They had an app with no UX and UI and only functionality. All the ideas of three product owners with different views crammed into one app.

My first step, after assessing the app and concept was to have them decide upon only one product owner. Somebody who would have both the interests of business and users. Once this was done, we had a few workshop to discuss strategy and UX. We stripped all non relevant functionality proceeded with user tests. Before getting the app into agile mode.

The idea was simple. Small and medium business owners needed a way to insure their business from potential data loss or cyber attacks. Think a doctor which needs to have backup and secure storage for their pacient database. The app came as an assistant that would give them tasks like “Update your windows or antivirus”. If you have all the tasks completed, you were fully covered by the insurance.

The little wizard that could.

Initially we only had the questions with last step being the assessment and the sign-up button. After the user tests we found out two things. First; apart from the assessment, the users weren’t sold on what this app would keep their policy valid. Second; why would they use the app. So we added a screen explaining what “we” can do for them and what’s their situation right now and after the assessment we told them where they could be. We held a second round of tests after
implementing these two pages and the results greatly improved.


Keep the users engaged.

One of the business goals was to have the users return to the app at least two times per month. So we turned to the idea of a vulnerability gauge and tasks directly on the homepage. The user has two ways to complete the tasks. One directly touching on the gauge with the incentive of improving the score and second, completed various other tasks. The system provided two kind of tasts. Critical or policy and regular ones. As long as you had your policy tasks done, your insurance was still in place.