A game changer in accessibility and productivity


Caption and record your meetings, lectures, and seminars on the go. See captions in real-time, add your own annotations, highlight important information, and listen back later.
Audit the existing web platform and come up with a concept and design for the mobile version. Which resulted in a companion app for the mail product.
Carescribe’s main product is a game changer in accessibility and productivity. Captions improve how information is processed and absorbed, whether you’re deaf, have hearing loss, are neurodivergent, or just trying to be attentive in lectures and meetings. They just needed a mobile version.
With an existing desktop product, CareScribe needed a mobile solution. Something that can be handy when your laptop is not an option. During research, we found that we don’t need all the features the main platform offers because it would defeat the purpose of a fast and mobile solution. So we came up with a Companion App. Caption, record, annotate, highlight, and playback.

A fluid user experience with clear solutions.

A proper information architecture map enabled all involved stakeholders to paint a clear image of how the app would work and enable the user to achieve their task while business needs are met.

A fluid user experience with clear solutions.

We designed for hybrid. The app works and looks natively on both Android and iOS. And we focused on core functionality around
recording in-person meetings, lectures, and seminars while on the go, viewing captions on screen in real-time, adding notes, and reviewing later. 

Caption face-to-face

Real-time transcripts of anything spoken into the device. Useful for in-person lectures, meetings, or even a conversation across the lunch table!

Elegant Micro-interactions

The design is smoothly simplified to illustrate product synergy with minimal and impactful interactions.

We worked with Adrian on our mobile applications for our Caption.Ed software. He's been fantastic to work with and provided in depth product, UX and UI design expertise alongside great communications and a can-do attitude. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future on new and existing projects.

Chris Purcell


CareScribe – Caption.Ed