Nutrition, fitness and medical subscription one tap away.


SanoPass, as the name implies is health startup, launched in 2019, that offers subscriptions to a wide array of medical services, as well as fitness, and nutrition.

I partnered with their CEO to help bring to life his complete health package vision, to create and launch the SanoPass mobile app for iOS and Android, web app and marketing website.

Design a complete wellness solution on mobile and web.
Position SanoPass in the vanguard for wellness, designing for mobile/web, with interactive features. Must include a full experience from personalising a subscription package to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Raised SanoPass revenue from 200k to 2M and helped increase the active user numbers to over 30k.

Continued Collaboration

The work helped sustain SanoPass during the global pandemic by improving key flows and creating contactless solutions for service activation.

Standardising the Product UX

The SanoPass model is to have a complete wellness solution but maintain separate services. So the challenge was to maintain the same familiarity of the brand across the design.

Easy online appointments

To help users benefit from an easy experience to make a doctors appointment I introduces a quick and entertaining 3-step process.

Tailored subscription models

SanoPass didn’t want to particularly funnel to a specific type of subscription, they just wanted to drive sales. So I created the illusion of tailoring a subscription just for you, the user. The outcome is much more simpler. Regardless of the combination of choices during the questionnaire, the user gets one of three results.

Elegant Interactions

The design is smoothly simplified to illustrate product synergy with minimal and impactful interactions.

Validating research with feedback

The flagship website went through a couple versions before settling with the current one. We validated research with actual usage and feedback data. And from together with the client, quickly realised that the users had one big problem: They didn’t know what SanoPass is, does and how it can benefit them. So the the redesign was built solely around brand and product awareness.

SanoPass is boasting a network of over 1000 clinics and 350 gyms. It was only logical to turn the map into a selling point. This way, proximity to your favourite clinic or gym makes SanoPass an instant buy.

Adrian has been essential for the success of SanoPass. Due to his creativity and remarkable product design abilities, he has helped us grow from 200k to 2M Eur.

Andrei Vasile

CEO&Founder SanoPass